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  •  The new lead generation model: for building a predictable pipeline of seller opportunities that your competition doesn’t know about.
  •  Nail it then scale it with ISA’s: setting appointments for you everyday.
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"We’ve sold literally thousands of homes (my estimate would be over5,000 at the time of my writing this) and nothing has been moreshocking than the impact of what you will learn from the pages thatfollow. This book gives you the blueprint to predictably generate listings for you, your team, or for your expansion team." 

- Jay Kinder
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This book reveals how I started a brand new brokerage and grew it from ZERO to 268 Closings for $2.2M in GCI  in 12 months with Predictable Listing Pipelines.
If you’d like to have a steady stream of solid listing opportunities and build a powerful Inside Sales System to set and qualify ALL your listing appointments, this will easily be the most important book you’ll have ever read.

This model for creating predictable listing pipelines can be used whether you're a solo agent or you have a huge team.  With this book you can set up a complete, turnkey system to provide your business with a consistent tidal wave of seller leads and experience predictable conversion rates that are more than 957% better than straight-up cold-calling the same leads you prospect day in and day out.

For example, we collected 166 seller lead opportunities in just the second month of using this system that converted to 27 sales in less than 5 months.
My agents got a listing a week... and they didn't have to make a single call!
Once you nail it, it's time to scale.  In this book you'll get the detailed information on how to use Inside Sales Agents to create a predictable pipeline of listing opportunities for your business (so you can scale it as large as you would like). 

I'm also giving you a blueprint on how to set up the your Inside Sales Department so that it runs like a well-oiled machine without you having to do everything each day. (Honestly, you’re going to love that part.)

You’ll learn what tools, systems, reporting mechanisms, strategies, data and details are required to get you ISA department producing high quality listing appointments (and how to make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure consistent and predictable results.)

What’s even better is that I’m giving you the same templates, checklists and resources our ISAs use to set hundreds of listing appointments each and every year... For free.

In this book, you’ll get life-altering business ideas starting with literally the first page.  And by reading the entire book... you’ll put yourself in position to go on as many as 20 to 30 listing appointments per month - or more - with having just one Inside Sales Associate.
Michael Reese
Michael is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, marketer, and real estate industry icon. As Co-Founder of The National Association of Expert Advisors,, and Digital President he has leveraged his expertise to help entrepreneurs generate Exponential growth. 

Michael’s business have been listed 6 years in a row on the prestigious Inc 500/5000 list by sharing his real world experiences he teaches. 

While working with Keller Williams, Michael’s team was repeatedly ranked in the top five in the southwest region. He and his team broke the record for buyer sales set by one of the largest Keller Williams franchises in the world, and ultimately became recognized as one of Keller Williamsʼ Top 50 agents in the world.

Most recently, Michael set out to build  a new brokerage in a new market, focused on building a solid nurture pipeline and maximizing listing appointments.

12 months later, his brokerage went from ZERO to 268 transactions and $2.2M in Gross Commission Income... 
A record breaking feat by any standard.
"If You Are A Real Estate Agent, Broker, Team Leader or Trainer, You Need This Book"
Here's What Just A Few Of The People On Amazon Are Saying About Michael's Book (Where It's For Sale For $14.99)
It works!
Review By Roy Koyama
Inside Sales Predictability is a MUST read... The book has given me the tools needed to build a strong ISA department.
BUY this BOOK to get a predictable revenue stream using inside sales!
Review By Kyle Davis
I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of this book and love it. From start to finish, get a step by step guide to generate massive sales growth with inside sales agents. 
I've read this book twice already and it packs quite the punch! I ended up buying 10 more to give out to my ISAs.
Review By Carlos German
If you are looking for ideas and strategies that can make you MILLIONS this book is splattered all over with key points that can transform any real estate sales operation into a predicable lead machine, creating not just one million in profits, but possibly hundreds of millions if the vision is big enough, like ours now is after learning about Inside Sales Predictability in real estate.
The easy-to-understand formula for creating and maintaining a predictable pipeline of listing opportunities - without blowing up your bank account to make it happen. 
How to make sure you hire the right person to be your ISA (saving yourself as much as $18,000 because you didn’t hire the right person).
How to train your ISAs so they can convert leads like grizzled veterans (without you having to stand over their shoulder and micromanage them).
Others have paid thousand for the strategies and tactics you'll learn in this book. Get your copy today.
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